Delicious Chicken Dish : Grilled Chicken Breast Meat with Grated White Radish and Ponzu Source

Grilled Chicken Breast Meat with Grated White Radish and Ponzu Source

I ate grilled chicken breast meat with grated white radish and ponzu source, and rice, miso soup, and shinodani.

Combination of ponzu source and chicken breast meat and grated white radish is great.

Ingredient for 2 person

Grated white radish makes fluffy texture.

1 tbsp of ponzu source make lite flavor, I recommend 2 tbsp.

And prepare the following utensils.

  • Cooking knife
  • Chopping board
  • Grating utensil
  • Coffee dripper, filter and mag cup (if you have)
  • Frying pan
  • Measure spoons

How to Cook

Most of water in white radish will be discarded. There are some way to use it, but I didn’t use it this time.

  1. Grate white radish.
  2. Drain grated white radish. Prepare coffee dripper, filter and mag cup, and put the grated radish into it. If you don’t have dripper, squeeze it lightly.
  3. Chop thin green spring onion shoots into 3 mm pieces.
  4. Chop chicken breast meat into easy-to-eat sizes.
  5. On the chopping board, put cooking sake, salt and pepper on the chicken, and rub them well.
  6. Put salad oil into frying pan, and grill chicken breast meat.
  7. Brown both side of the chicken, and stop the fire.
  8. Put the chicken onto dishes, put grated white radish and thin green spring onion over it.
  9. Lastly, put ponzu source on.

Make Cold Rice to Delicious Rice Porridge


I had rice porridge at breakfast. The tip to make good rice porridge is using cold rice.

I put rice into refrigerator when rice was remained. And at the day when much rice was in the refrigerator, I use it for making rice porridge. It is good to make fried rice, but it splits oil.

Ingredient for 2 person

万能ねぎの代わりに長ネギなどを使っても OK です。


脳の栄養 ブドウ糖の代謝を促進する ビタミン B1 の吸収を良くする アリシン を含んでいます。 また アリシンには 血行をよくして身体を温める効果があります。 吸収が促進される ビタミン B1 は 疲労回復効果もあり、風邪の予防にも役立つそうです。

緑の葉の部分には カロチンやビタミンCが豊富に含まれるため、 風邪の予防にさらに効果があるそうです。 また白い部分はネギオールという殺菌力を持つ油成分が含まれています。 きれいになるともいわれています。


Prepare the following cooking tools.

  • Pot
  • Bowl
  • Eggbeater
  • Ladle

How to Cook

  1. Chop green onion into 5 mm pieces.
  2. Put water, soy source, cooking sake and hon dashi into pot and make it on fire.
  3. After boiling, put rice into the pot.
  4. Beat egg.
  5. When you think the rice absorbed water, then put beaten egg and chopped green onion into the pot.
  6. When the egg become boiled, the finish.

Easy Cold Pasta with Mini Tomato and Canned Tuna

簡単 ミニトマトとシーチキンのさっぱり冷製パスタ

I ate cold pasta with mini tomato and canned tuna. It is very easy cooking.

Ingredient for 2 persons

  • Pasta : 2.5 persons
  • Mini tomato : about 8
  • Japanese noodle soup (or soy source) : 2 tbsp
  • Olive oil : 4 tbsp
  • garlic tube : about 3 cm
  • salt and pepper : nip
  • basil : moderate amount
  • tuna : 1 can

I recommend you to buy some amount of pasta.

送料無料 パスタ 5kg

Pasta 5 kg

And I think Garcia olive oil has good flavor. Cheap olive oil is something like water.

Garcia : Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garcia : Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Prepare the following kitchen tools.

  • kitchen knife
  • chopping board
  • pan (to boil pasta)
  • sieve basket
  • bowl

How to Cook

  1. Boil pasta.
  2. In boiling pasta …
    1. Chop mini tomato to half.
    2. Open canned tuna and drain it.
    3. Put all ingredients except pasta (mini-tomato, noodle soup, olive oil, garlic tube, salt and pepper, basil and canned tuna) into the bowl and mix well.
  3. After boiling pasta, drain it and ice it with cold water.
  4. Drain the pasta again, and put it into the bowl.
  5. Mix it, then finish.