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Well Known Product of Hyogo Prefecture : Ibo-no-Ito

Special Grade Ibonoito

I ate special class, called “Tokkyu”, of handmade vermicellifine noodles “Ibo no Ito”. It was very good!

Ibo no Ito

This is a famous product of Hyogo prefecture in Japan. It is severely managed product.

Especially, special class is created by only limited worker. It’s really delicious,

Ingredient for 1 person

It’s good to add some fruit.

The following cookware is required.

  • kitchen knife
  • chopping board
  • colander
  • bowl
  • pot
IBONOITO, The Leading Brand of Somen Tokkyu grade product

How to Cook

The cooking instruction is written on the package of Ibonoito, so it is good to see it.

  1. Drip water into the pot and put it over fire.
  2. Once the pot boils, put noodles into the pot and wait 2 or 3 minutes.
  3. Now, put boiled noodles in water, and make it cold.
  4. Put cold noodles into some plate.
  5. Prepare noodle soup and chop leeks, put leaks into noodle soup.

Now, get some noodle and put it into noodle soup, and bring the noodle into your mouth.