Saury Kabayaki on Doyo Ushi Day

saury kabayaki

I ate saury kabayaki on DoYo Ushi day.

What is “Doyo Ushi Day”?

“Doyo” is the specific days that last for 18 days before the first day of season, spring, summer, autumn and winter. “Ushi” is Ox, and the day of the Ox is a calendar day of the Chinese Zodiac.

In Japan, people eat eel to get energy during the hot summer months, often in kabayaki dish, which is something broiled.

But eel is too expensive so I bought saury kabayaki.

Ingredient for 2 person



soury kabayaki
saury kabayaki


There was a saury kabayaki in my house, then I made lunch with it.

The kind of saury kabayaki used this time is “Toro Saury Kabayaki”, made by Tsukudani street in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Tsukudani street runs restaurant. Tsukudani street sales tsukudani, food boiled down in soy, since 1949.

How to cook


  1. Heat saury kabayaki, according to the way written on package of it.
  2. Put saury kabayaki on the rice.
  3. Tear baked laver and sprinkle it on the dish.


  1. Slice tomato and boiled fish paste into about a half of inch.
  2. Prepare soy sauce and wasabi for sliced boiled fish paste.